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This is the official website for TOOPS in the United States. TOOPS is the only cereal filled with delicious flavor you can eat as a cereal or a snack. With 10 vitamins and minerals and delicious chocolate or dulce de leche filling we are sure that once you taste TOOPS, you’ll fall in love with it! Sign up for our TOOPS Insider for news about TOOPS, promotions, and more..


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Perhaps the best tool you have to find TOOPS!  TOOPS is available in over 600 retail stores in Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Indiana and others in other states.  With the TOOPS Finder you can find a store near you that carries TOOPS!

Online Shopping

TOOPS is a top selling product on  With your prime membership, shipping is always free.  Don’t want to buy on Amazon?  Don’t worry.. and have TOOPS also.  You can always by here on this site!

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